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Wisdom from the heart

Monday 17 august 2020

17:30        Potluck dinner

19:00        Healing workshop with Ragnar Johnsen

21:30        closing

Costs:        25 euro

Ragnar is a very special wisdom keeper from Norway. I met Ragnar at the Kiva-gathering in 2019 with other wisdom keepers and shamans from all over the world. His teaching and kindness made a big impression on me. We became good friends.

On 17 august he is visiting me and we organise a Wisdom from the heart workshop.

What Ragnar says about his workshop:

I will take “you" on a journey to "your heart”. My workshops are intuitive and adapt to the needs of the participants. I work with different tools like the runes, stones, crystals and the drum for energetic healing. How the workshop takes form is up to you. By you sharing where you are stuck. What you would like to heal or understand in a different way. To see more clear what you want to shine light on. I am there as a canal to contribute for change, growth and healing to take place. We create together how it will take form. There will be a cleansing/healing ceremony. An Introduction to a heart meditation called lightlovemedit. Healing session with the drum. Meeting the runes and their wisdom. As well as I will answer questions and shine light on issues related to our personal journeys.



The workshop costs 25 euro per person.


You can sign up by mail or telephone with me:

Godert Verbiest


Van Bylandtstraat 69

5046 MB Tilburg

For those who want, we start with a potluck dinner (everybody brings something to eat) at 17:30.

The workshop starts at 19:00 and finishes around 21:30

Welcome, With love


Godert Verbiest

Ragnar Johnsen