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Path of the heart

dinsdag  12 oktober 2021

met Ragnar Johnsen

Ragnar komt weer naar Nederland!

Ragnar Johnsen is een wisdomkeeper uit Noorwegen met wie ik bevriend ben. Als hij in Nederland is organiseer ik regelmatig workshops voor hem in de buurt van Tilburg. Meer info over zijn werkwijze vind je onderaan deze pagina.

Op dinsdag 12 oktober zijn wij samen lekker buiten in een prachtig privé bos van vrienden van mij aan de rand van Tilburg.

Je bent van harte welkom om hem (opnieuw) te ontmoeten.

15:00 ontvangst en workshop rond het vuur.

18:00 Potluck dinner (ieder brengt wat te eten mee)

19:00 Vervolg workshop rond het vuur

20:30 afsluiting

Path of the heart (o.a. met runen)

20:30 afsluiting

De kosten zijn 33 euro.

Als je mee wilt doen laat het weten per mail  of telefoon (06-81911463).

Lieve groet

Godert Verbiest



Ragnar tells about his teachings:

We are going through an intense time. Energies are shifting and we are encountering new aspects of ourselves as well as we feel a call for growth and change, and to integrate these changes into our life so that we can grow into a new world.

My workshops are intuitive and they always take a new form as they adapt to the needs of the participants. The aim is to learn better to understand ourselves, and the journey we are here to do. To learn how to listen to our heart and be guided by our inner voice. Finding a greater inner peace and advancing on our path.

I work with different tools like the runes, stones, crystals and the drum for bringing clarity and healing for mind, body and spirit. How the workshop takes form is up to you. Only you know what, you carry. I invite you to share from your heart and give a chance for light to shine on something that is important for "you". Where you are stuck, or what you would like to heal, or understand in a different way. I am there as a canal to contribute for change, growth and healing to take place and we create together how it will take form. We will work on how to release our emotional wounds. How to free our self from the mental programs and self-limitations that we all carry. A mapping of how the mind works and identifying the “saboteur”, the one in “you” that is holding “you” back from reaching “your” highest potential. There will be a cleansing/healing ceremony. An Introduction to a heart meditation called lightlovemedit. Healing session with the drum. Meeting the runes and their wisdom. As well as I will answer questions and shine light on issues related to your personal journeys.

“LOVE brings to the surface ALL that needs to be HEALED…”

We welcome you with open arms and hearts!

Ragnar and Godert