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maandag 18 januari 2021


14:00 - 17:00

Buurthuis de Poorten in Tilburg

Prijs: 33 euro

Ragnar is a very special wisdom keeper from Norway. I met Ragnar at the Kiva-gathering in 2019 with other wisdom keepers and shamans from all over the world. His teaching and kindness made a big impression on me. We became good friends. 
On monday 18 january Ragnar and I organise a Wisdom from the heart workshop.
What Ragnar says about his workshop:
Questions answered - Guidance received...
The Runes are dear friends that I have great respect for and they have been sharing my path for almost 30 years...
They never stop to amaze me with their Clarity and accuracy...
The Runes can help to bring to the surface and into the light, that what we need to see for our lives journey..."
I would like to invite you to join for a meeting with the the Runes...
The Runes were used by my ancestors to guide the people and the tribe...
One rune is a feeling, a thought, a message and and a whole picture...
A full story of the present moment with its integration into past and future...
I propose a meeting where I will translate their messages as they shine light on your questions or issues... Spoken OR Unspoken...
An meeting where you can have your own personal encounter with the Runes as well as learn from the general truths that are within the personal messages being shared...
Be welcome even if you feel you have no questions, simply to hear what the runes want to share with you...”
The workshop starts at 14:00 and finishes around 17:00

After the workshop you can join Ragnar and me for a dinner at my place.
If you want to join the workshop and optionel dinner let me know

Workshop 33 euro
dinner 7 euro

Welcome, With love
Godert Verbiest
Ragnar Johnsen

Godert Verbiest